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Common Topics To Expect While Taking Pest Control CEU Classes

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As a professional exterminator, you are required to obtain a professional license or certification before being allowed to work on private properties. Once you have these professional accreditations, you are then expected to maintain them while you work in this industry.

Part of obtaining and keeping them involves taking regular professional training. You can expect to encounter these common topics when you sign up for pest control CEU classes. 

Pest and Pest Damage Recognition

When you take professional pest control CEU classes, you will learn how to recognize pests and the types of damage that they can inflict on a home or business. It can be easy to confuse the many different types of bugs, for example. You may think that a bug is a roach when, in fact, it is a water beetle. 

Along with learning how to recognize the different varieties of insects that can invade a property, you also will learn how to recognize tell-tale signs of their damage. You will be shown examples like mice droppings, rat tracks and chew marks from various pests. When you know how to recognize the signs of damage, you can competently determine what kinds of pests have overtaken a home or building.

Safe Use of Pesticides

You additionally will learn how to use pesticides safely and competently. Many of the chemicals that you work with are toxic and potentially dangerous to both people and animals. You need to know how to apply them safely so they avoid harming people who live or work in a building.

Your pest control CEU classes will show you the proper apparel to wear while using those chemicals. You also will learn how to spray them properly and in what areas of a building to apply them to prevent pest infestations.

Finally, you will learn about the state and federal regulations that apply to your industry. You must know these regulations to avoid incurring fines or penalties as an exterminator. You also may need to know these mandates if or when OSHA ever inspects your business and quizzes you about them. You can answer questions competently and abide by both state and federal rules for your job.

Pest control CEU classes teach you a variety of topics. You learn to recognize pests and pest damages. You also learn how to use chemicals properly and also study the various regulations that apply to pest control businesses. Go online to websites like to find pest control CEU classes.